Εργαστήριο Πληροφορικής και Ρομποτικής στην Εκπαίδευση και την Κοινωνία

Autism Includi

Although major progress has been made in educational institutions toward Digital transformation, both students and educational staff are facing difficulties. Unfortunately, the attempts for Inclusiveness, and Innovative teaching practices, that are widely used in Distance Learning (DL) during the pandemic, have revealed many issues related to Autism students’ accessibility and inclusiveness. As a matter of […]

STIMEY-SAR for students between 10-18 years

STIMEY Project (H2020-SEAC-2015-1) in an effort to bring science and society together in Europe, and consequently increase the continent’s international competitiveness, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education must be more relatable to European youths to raise their interests and involvement in STEM careers.    This project proposes an educational platform with multi-level components, designed […]

SAR for outpatient clinics of pediatric clinic

The Nao robot served as a mediator between the doctors, nursing staff, and hospitalized children. The socially assistive robot prepared them for the medical examinations and asked them about how they felt, to show where they feel pain, and explained the medical procedures. The children liked the robot, appreciated its role, felt more comfortable during […]

SAR for adults in learning dialects

Social Assistance Robotics (SAR) is the development of robots with social behavior characteristics, which aim to support, through social interaction, their users in carrying out various tasks. One of the areas where SAR is utilized is the teaching of a foreign / second language, mainly to children. SAR, through the social relationship they develop with […]

Roll & Rollita

Roll & Rollita are two presenters, entrepreneurs! They are moving autonomously, but their greater asset is their industrial style appearance. They were designed to participate in a fashion show. Roll and Rollita presented the whole event and escorted the models on the runway, stealing the spotlight.

OurDigiSpace   Enhancing Digital Skills of Hard-to-Reach Adults for Better Life Chances!   Target group:    Immigrants, low-skilled or low-qualified adults with lack of motivation or capacity, including the ones who are unemployed, uneducated, or graduated from basic educational levels, or the ones in elementary occupations.   Objectives:   The main goal of this project […]

Daisy SAR for children with Autism

Social Robotics for children with Autism Overview Learning with educational robotics provides opportunities to question and think deeply about technology. When designing, constructing, programming, and documenting the development of autonomous robots or robotics projects, students not only learn how technology works but also apply the skills and content knowledge learned in school in a meaningful […]


The project seeks to highlight and integrate new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Robotics, Big Data Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence in Culture. RFID technology in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, shaping the necessary conditions for interaction with the exhibits, and will develop a series of innovative products that utilize the technology. LIRES team […]

Covid-19 Distance Learning

The Nao robot serves as a teaching assistant in university virtual classrooms. The teacher and the students are connected to the electronic platform for conducting lessons (zoom). The teacher has prepared the lesson with the participation of the robot in relation to the object of the script. The robot is connected to its own window […]